About Us

The Company with the Strength of Steel

Al-Ayash Establishment Steel Industries (“AESI”) was founded in 1967, presently owned, managed and operated by the second generation of those who founded this company and have now long passed.  Since then, AESI has grown steadily to become a leader in the engineering & fabrication of quality steel tanks and construction of storage tanks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Since 1967, we have manufactured diversified, specialized steel tanks catering to various sectors within the Kingdom, such as energy, oil & gas, petrochemicals, defense & aviation, seaports, cement plants, water desalination and others.

We are committed to continuously improve our manufacturing, safety and quality control and assurance processes through the implementation of Total Quality Management System.  Our quality management system is compliant with ISO 9001:2008 standards for design, manufacturing of steel tank, steel structure & shelter.

AESI is also a leading manufacturer of field welded storage tanks meeting the requirements of API 650, API 620 & AWWA.  Our mechanized and automated manufacturing facility in Riyadh is set up for knockdown field-weld tank construction, utilizing the latest state-of-the-art equipment for burning, cutting, squaring, beveling, bending and rolling of both carbon steel and stainless steel plates. Our facility is one of the best field-weld component fabrication facilities in KSA.

AESI, with over 40 years of experience in storage applications, is well established in the industry at present. Known for delivering the highest quality fabrication, on-time delivery, safety in the field during construction and competitive in pricing.  AESI is presently operating at its new manufacturing facility in Sudair, North of Riyadh. The setup of its new production line serves our clients and contributes substantially to better quality, less time and less cost.

We, the management and staff of AL-AYASH EST are committed and have an objective to timely provide our customers the products (steel tanks of various capacity and types) which are of high grade quality, cost effective and conform to special customer’s requirement.

Application of latest and advanced technology, Intensive trainings of the manpower force, complaints and use of proper monitoring & measuring tools for the continual improvement of our products as well as to satisfy the customers and become competitive in the world market.

AL-AYASH EST top management is fully committed to provide the adequate resources for the achievement of quality objectives.

The safety and health of our employees is our number one business priority above all else. We proactively strive to integrate workplace safety fully into all our daily business operations. Our ultimate goal is zero accidents and injuries.

We comply with all applicable workplace safety and health requirements and maintain occupational safety and health standards that equal or exceed the best practices in the industry.

We pledges to do the following:

  • Strive to achieve the ultimate goal of zero accidents and injuries
  • Provide all mechanical and physical safeguards wherever they are necessary
  • Conduct routine safety and health inspections to find and eliminate unsafe working conditions and comply with applicable safety and health requirements
  • Train employees in safe work practices and procedures
  • Provide employees with personal protective equipment and train them to use and care for it properly
  • Enforce safety and health rules and require employees to follow the rules as a condition of employment
  • Investigate accidents to determine the cause and prevent similar accidents
  • Monitor, record and display our safety metrics for our Customers, Employees, Shareholders, etc.


All employees are aware about their own safety as well as for the safety of their fellow workers. Everyone is expected to participate in the safety and health program, which includes:

  • immediately reporting accidents, hazards, and unsafe work practices to a safety committee representative or management
  • wearing required personal protective equipment
  • following all safety rules and procedures
  • participating in and supporting safety committee activities

We recognize that all employees share the responsibility for a safe and healthy workplace.

1)       The engineering, Design Calculation, GA & detail drawings and submitted to the client and received approval.

2)       The Inspection & Test plan (ITP).

3)       The welding procedure specification (WPS) & Procedure Qualification Report (PQR).

4)       The welder Performance Qualification (WPQ).

5)       Weld Map.

6)       The NDT Procedure.

7)       The RT Map.

8)       Shop fabrication procedure.

9)       Site erection procedure.

10)   Inspection procedure.

11)   Consumables control procedure.

12)   Blasting & painting procedure.

13)   Hydrostatic Leak Test procedure.

14)   Material Handling & storage procedure.

15)   Air Leak Test procedure.

16)   Expediting with vendors to provide any missing material needed during construction.

17)   Providing replies to site technical queries.

18)   Follow-up the Receiving Inspection:

A – Checking of all materials for Markings, Specifications & Dimensions (Plates, pipes, flanges, elbow etc…) & their MTC.

B – Checking of Mill Test Certificates for filler/consumables materials and Paint Batch Certificates for Specifications and test values

19)   Follow-up the Fabrication & Erection Inspection:

A -Checking of materials cutting layout markings, & dimensions.

B -Checking of material preparation for Contour, Bending, Rolling, Drilling dimensions & Finish.

C -Checking of all fit-up &joints geometry & dimensions.

D -Checking welding procedure & tack welders (those who employed on job).

20)   Follow-up the Welding Inspection:

A -Checking of consumables for storage, Baking & Holding.

B -Checking of welder for qualification & approval.

C -Checking of welding parameters with applicable WPS.

D -Checking final visual and dimensions for parts before assembly.

E -Check Air Leak Test at pressure for man way & nozzle reinforcement pads.

F -Checking tank shell geometry by method of – Complete visual & dimensional check for nozzles & man-ways, tank diameter & height etc. & all welding completed, before release to water fill test.

21)   Follow-up The NDT:

A -Check RT for shell plate butt welds Horizontal and Vertical joints as per code of construction.

B -Check PT as per code of construction.

C -Check vacuum box test as code of construction.

22)   Follow-up the finishing inspection – Checking of tank surface for weld touch up and grinding at parent metal removed/ metal reduced areas/ defects, tank cleaning, before release to Hydro test.

23)   Follow-up the tank hydrostatic test –check tank no leakage/ check the settlement.

24)   Follow-up the tank surface treatment –Check blast all carbon steel surfaces to SA 2.5/ painting of all carbon steel surfaces.

25)   Follow-up the tank acceptance and release – check the work completed, accepted, shipment release per client/ prepare document for compiling all related records copy to customer.

26)   Monitoring the schedule and highlighting to the concerned persons the needed action in order to meet the milestones.

27)   Conducting regular meetings with Subcontractors and ensure that all problems and delays are being highlighted and take necessary actions.

28)   Ensure that all RFIs are being raised to the Client and approved by closing any comment received.

29)   Ensure that all needed FCNs/DCNs are being raised to the client.

30)   Ensure that all needed WDRs/NCRs are being closed by providing sufficient technical replies to the Client.

31)   Ensure that a good quality of work is being maintained and take necessary action for any deficiency.

32)   Maintaining a safe, secure, and legal work environment between all parties (vendors, subcontractors, …)


Attention to detail is an essential part of our approach at AESI. We’re willing to respond to non-standard requests because we have the capabilities to consider special applications and produce workable solutions. At AESI, our attitude is focused on exceeding our client’s expectations. We are a “golden rule” customer service company.


At AESI, it all starts with the right support team. All of our employees have extensive backgrounds in storage tank fabrication, specialty steel fabrication and field construction services. We respond quickly and precisely to customer requests. We have experienced “key” personnel in all aspects of our operation including manufacturing, safety, purchasing, project management, engineering, CAD layout and quality assurance departments. Our experience level complements our in-house processes, which allows us to expedite project changes and maintain project schedules without delays. As always, our storage tanks, pressure vessels and specialty steel designs can be supported with calculations and a Professional Engineer’s.


AESI has a long-standing reputation as one of KSA’s prominent producers of custom-fabricated API tanks, UL- Tanks, Stainless steel tanks &ASME tanks. Our reputation is built upon excellent customer service, speed of delivery and superior technical support. With a long history of building to API, ASME, AWWA& UL code, our design services team can provide engineering expertise as well as detailed CAD drawings to support your custom storage tanks. You can count on our commitment to total quality and efficiency.

Make no mistake; AESI is committed to customer service. We don’t have a product line, but we have a service line. We build what you want and work with you on the details—all with the fastest deliveries and competitive pricing.


AESI is committed to providing products and services of high quality, to marketing them fairly, and to conducting our affairs honorably. We are committed to being good citizens in the communities where we work. We are sensitive to the economic role we play in those communities.