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QA/QC Program

Al-Ayash is following a QUALITY SYSTEM which contains a well-disciplined organization structure, procedures, processes and resources needed to implement the Quality Management. The QA/QC Manager is responsible for the implementation of overall Quality Management System in Corporate Office and in Project sites in support with his team.

A PROJECT QUALITY PLAN (PQP) will be submitted for client approval prior starting of the project. PQP will be detailed with company QUALITY PLAN, QUALITY PROCEDURES, WORK INSTRUCTIONS, INSPECTION AND TEST PLANs (ITP) etc.

QUALITY PLAN identifies the scope of the Quality Management System and any exclusion to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. It includes the procedures and documents covering work activities and a description of sequences and interactions of processes that fall under the scope of the Quality Management System.

All activities such as Engineering, Procurement, Project Control, Construction Management, Recruitment, Training, Documentation etc will be followed according to the approved QUALITY PROCEDURES.

Approved WORK INSTRUCTIONS will be prepared and submitted to client for approval prior starting of any work. Approved WORK INSTRUCTIONS will be followed for all activities with 100% compliance by an experienced construction crew which will be further supported and verified by the Project QA/QC team.

An INSPECTION AND TEST PLAN (ITP) will be prepared for all inspection level activities and will be submitted to client for approval prior starting to that particular inspection activity. Approved ITP will be followed by the qualified QA/QC team for all inspections.

For Welding activities, a WELDING PROCEDURE SPECIFICATION (WPS) along with PRE QUALIFICATION RECORD (PQR) will be developed and submitted to client for approval prior starting the fit-up and welding activities. All welders and associated workers shall be well qualified and will follow the WPS in 100% compliance under a defined supervision.

An INTERNAL AUDIT will be conducted by qualified Quality System Auditor(S) during various stages of the project to evaluate the performance and to find out the areas for development of all activities which comes under the Project contract.

Complete Data Analysis will be conducted by the QA/QC for various disciplines and will be discussed with all Department Heads during the Management Review which will be conducted in every six months.

A QULAITY MANAGEMENT REPORT (QMR) will be submitted to the client in a monthly basis. QMR is the summary of the Data Analysis to demonstrate effective implementation of Quality System.

QA/QC department is also responsible to ensure that the personnel who are assigned for the project is well qualified and trained to perform that the respective work.

QA/QC Personnel


  1. Project QA/QC organization has a QC Site Manger (If required by Contract), a QC Supervisor and all discipline inspectors.
  2. All discipline inspectors report to QC Supervisor & QC Supervisor reports to Site QC Manager.
  3. Site QC Manager Reports to Corporate QA/QC Manager/General Manager.


  1. Site QC manager’s performance is monitored by Corporate QA/QC manager from the input of Client, Auditors and Project Managers. His performance is measured by the effective implementation of the quality management system at his site.
  2. QC Supervisors’ performance is monitored by Site QC manager & Corporate QA/QC Manager which includes supporting Site QC Manager to implement the QMS at site and prevent the violations by issuing proactive notifications.
  3. QC Inspectors’ performance is evaluated by the effectiveness of inspection and monitoring performed by them which is measured by the violations raised by Client Inspectors/Representatives.
  4. Auditors are evaluated by the Corporate QA/QC manager for scheduling frequent audits & raising non conformances. Effectively evaluating the corrective actions & closing the NCRs.